Railroad Watch Repair

For 110 years, US watch manufacturers such as American Waltham, Illinois, Elgian, Hamilton, and many others made the highest quality watches in the world. This quality was driven be need from many industries, chief among which was the railroad industry. The trains had to run on time and excellent watches were required to ensure that those running the trains knew with certainty what the time was. If an employee’s watch was off, the results could be catastrophic: two trains could collide head on. Dozens of people could perish, and large quantities of valuable cargo could be lost.

To meet the need for accurate timekeeping devices, railroad employees could use issued pocket watches, or purchase from a list of approved pocket watches.

Fine watches required skilled watchmakers, also known as horologists. The watchmakers would test and calibrate the watches of railroad employees. At one point, some railroads required this to be done once a month. As we mentioned, if the time was off, railroad switching would be improperly performed and trains would hit each other. Watchmakers essentially worked with the railroads to save lives.

Today, these fine watches don’t require monthly work. The obvious reason is that they are no longer essential to safety in any industry. Secondly, due to the shortage of watchmakers, this would not be practical. Those railroad watches in need of repair do require the services of expert warchmaker. Antique and Vintage Watch Repair has such a watchmaker. Our most experienced watchmaker has been repairing railroad watches since 1948. If you want your railroad watch accurately diagnosed and properly repaired, look no further.

Call us at 800-251-1484 to inquire about repairs. Once we receive your watch, we will email you a repair estimate, and no repairs will be performed without your express authorization. Should you choose to not repair your watch, or should your watch not be repairable, you will only owe us $15.00 for return shipping and handling (US customers only).